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Walnuts bites with carob, coconut and chia

And once again, some healthy sweets. Without sugar, wheat and fat cream. And you can give your oven few our of piece and quiet.
In this marvellous bites, walnuts are the most important ingredient. They are rich in minerals, especially calcium, potassium and magnesium.
I always associate walnuts with hard times, like preparing for exams, doing some important projects. Maybe because of their brain-like shape. But they are so full of good, healthy fats, protein and other nutritions that they have to be good for our brains.


They are two kinds of walnuts, in my opinion. I prefer, those young with thin, delicate skin. As walnut are getting older, skin starts to get darker and darker. And the taste of walnuts changes too. The are more bitter, but remember the vast of nutritions are hidden in this dark skin. So, I never remove skin, despite that bitter taste.

Going back to walnuts bites, dates and carob give them sweet taste, and there is no need to add sugar or other sweeteners.
You can coat this bites in everything you want, starting from desiccated coconut, going through chia seeds, carob, pistachios, ending with matcha.

Walnuts bites are perfect for children, I think. First of all, they are healthy, full of minerals, proteins and good omega fats. Second, the are really, really sweet and children are just in love in everything that has this taste. What’s more they can help during preparation which means fun! They can roll bites, coat them and themselves with carob, coconut and chia. Fun, fun, fun. And then extensive cleaning 😉


This recipe comes from the ingenious This Rawsome Vegan Life


about 15 bites 

1 cup (100g) walnuts (with skins!!)
½ cup (60g) oats
1 ½ cup (180g) dates
2 tbsp (12g) carob powder
1/8 tsp salt

desiccated coconut
carob powder
chia seeds


Grind (you can use blender) walnuts and oats until they became flour. Finely chop dates. Mix walnut and oat flour with dates, carob and salt. The consistency should be sticky. If it’s to dry you can add few more dates.

Form the bites and coat them in coconut, carob, chia or whatever you want.




Nutrition info:

1 bite:
94 calories
protein: 1,8 g; fat 4,6 g; carbohydrates: 13 g, dietary fibre: 2,2 g;
iron: 1,5 mg; calcium: 29 mg; zinc: 0,4 mg