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Vegan cheese sauce without cheese

You’ve probably met cheese sauce without cheese in post about agurula penne pesto. But this sauce can be used is so many dishes that totally deserves for individual post.
The taste is just outstanding and everyone who had tried it immediately fell in love. It’s perfect for every pasta, especially baked one. Lazania and caneloni are dreamt companions for this cheese-less sauce.
It fits to fast food dishes, traditional pizza or veggie burgers.


But in the summer you can meet it mostly in the evening, during barbecues or picnics with friends. It shines among ketchups, salsas or bbq sauces. Even beloved garlic sauce looks pale when cheese-less sauce enters the party. It disappears so quickly, covering grilled aubergines and champignons. Gently embeds vegan shashliks and roasted mushrooms, and slowly streams down on marinated tofu. Since I’ve made this sauce for the first time, I can’t imagine a good, vegan barbecue or party without it.
It has strong taste, but not dominant. It brings out the best from the dish, especially from roasted one.
Despite immensity of uses, this sauce is very easy to prepare. Just few minutes and we can admire its heavenly, creamy taste.


This sauce is based on this recipe.


300 ml
20 tbsp

1 ½ cup vegetable milk
12 tbsp nutritional yeasts
2 tbsp canola oil
2 tbsp flour
½ tbsp granulated garlic
4 tbsp Dijon mustard
salt, pepper


Pour 2 tbsp of canola oil into a pot. In a large cup mix well flour with milk, so there will be no moulds. Add this mixture to oil. Add nutritional yeast to the pot and slowly cook on low heat. Stir frequently. Add mustard, garlic, salt and pepper. Cook for 3 minutes on low heat. The sauce begins to thicken and it will get even more thick later. If you want more liquid version, add more milk.




Nutritional info:

624 calories
protein: 66 g; fat: 40g; carbohydrates: 40g, dietary fibre: 29 g;
iron: 6,9 mg; calcium: 373 mg; zinc: 18 mg

1 tbsp:
31 calories
protein: 3,3 g; fat: 2g; carbihydrates: 2g, dietary fibre: 1,45 g;
iron: 0,35 mg; calcium: 19 mg; zinc: 0,9 mg