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Vegan carob ice cream made of coconut milk

Finally, hot weather in Poland! I know for most people such temperature are nightmare. But for me it’s perfect climate. Only bad thing about this hot weather are storms which make my dog crazy.
Ice creams are perfect way to cool down. Lots of taste, colours and kinds. My favourite are sorbet- fruity and refreshing. But I never say “no” to vegan carob ice cream.

Vegan ice cream are mostly based on coconut milk, so are mine. Use only the solid part, all the liquids are forbidden. Better use it for smoothies.
Instead of cacao or chocolate I use carob. Carob is not just substitute for cacao. For me it’s completely different in taste. It has deep, earthy, not-too-sweet taste. Perfect companion for carob are sugar beet syrup. It’s rarely used, but the taste is for me completely unique. If you don’t have beet syrup, you can use date syrup, agave nectar or sugar.
Serve this ice cream with sweet cherries.

Vegan carob ice cream

5 servings

1 can chilled coconut milk*
4-5 tbsp carob
3-4 tbsp sugar beet syrup**
few drops vanilla extract

sweet cherries for servings

* milk should be chilled in a freezer min. 24h
**or other syrup/sugar

1. In a bowl mix the solid parts of coconut milk, do not use liquids. Using blender or food processor mix coconut milk with carob, syrup and vanilla. Use as much syrup as you like, add gradually.

2. Put in the freezer, 1 hour should be fine. Serve with sweet cherries.


 882 calories
protien: 7,2 g; fat: 72 g; carbohydrates: 72,5 g, dietary fibre:  14 g;
iron:  9,6 mg; calcium: 128 mg; zinc: 2,5 mg

1 serving of vegan carob ice cream:
 176 calories
protien: 1,4 g; fat: 14,4 g; carbohydrates: 14,4 g, dietary fibre:  2,8 g;
iron:  1,9 mg; calcium: 26 mg; zinc: 0,5 mg