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Traditional Polish sauerkraut pasties

paszteciki krucho-drożdżowe

One of me fav Christmas dish is beetroot borscht, especially the one my grandma makes. I could eat this soup on and on, with or without delicious dumplings. There was no dish that could compete with borscht with dumplings, until last year.

Last year I made delicious pasties with sauerkraut and they immediately join borscht in the top of my favourite Christmas food. I found original, traditional recipe in old Polish cookbook, which my grandma gave me as a gift. Usually recipes from this book are not my first choice, because they are not healthy and light. Though, even after plenty of vegan modifications, dishes always taste delicious. Homey, comfort food, which cheers up after long day or gather whole family around the kitchen table.
Those pasties are as comforting as other recipes. Stuffing is made by me and my Coeater- pretty basic, but solid and tasty. A lot of majoram is a key to good sauerkraut stuffing. But what I like the most about this recipe is a pastry. Something between yeast cake and crispy one. Simply wonderful.
The taste delicious with borscht, especially in the evening, as a Christmas #veganfatness edition. All right, I admit- they taste so good, that you can make them all year long, not only on Christmas.

sauerkraut pasties


Sauerkraut pasties
(Tradtional Polish dish)

about 24 pasties

500g sauerkraut
1 bay leaf
few all spice grains
300g champingnos
2 tbsp canola oil
1 onion
dried majoram

500g all-purpose flour
140g vegan butter
40g fresh yeast
1 tbsp sugar
pinch of salt
½ cup vegan buttermilk*

*to make vegan buttermilk add ½ tbsp red vinegar and fill up to the ½ of a cup with soy milk, set aside for few minutes

polish sauerkraut pasties


In a large pot put the sauerkraut and cover it with cold water. Add bay leave and few whole allspice. Cook on low heat until soft. Drain well- squeezing with hands, to get rid of fluids. Chop gently. Peel and grate champignons. In a pan heat the oil, add champignons and finely chopped onion. Season with salt and pepper. Cook for about 10-12 minutes. Mix with sauerkraut. Season with salt, pepper, sugar and lots of majoram.



Mix yeast with 1 tbsp sugar. Set aside for few minutes. Sift the flour and add pinch of salt. Add butter and mix it with a flour using hands. Add yeast and start to knead. Gradually add buttermilk and knead. When the dough is kneaded and sot immediately start to roll it.
First divide the dough into two pieces. Roll each one to the rectangle shape, few millimeters thick. Add half of the stuffing to closer to one of the edges in a line and roll. Transfer to a baking tray covered with oil and set aside covered to grow.
Bake in 180C for 30-35 minutes, until golden. When cooled, cut into bite-size pieces.

Nutrition info:

Sauerkraut pasties- 1 piece:
133 calories

proteins: 2,9 g; fats:  5,4 g; carbohydrates: 18,7 g, dietary fiber: 0,2 g;
iron: 1,5 mg; calcium: 19 mg; zinc: o,5 mg


sauerkraut pasties