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Sunflower seeds and sun dried tomatoes spread

Everybody knows that the simplest solutions are the best. But they are not so obvious as they seem to be. Sometimes you have to think a lot to came with such an easy idea. Tricky! To be honest, I have this impression that those simply, pure ideas are more a matter of coincidence, rather than serious thinking.
This sunflower seeds spread is a perfect example of how coincidence can result in great, tasty recipe. I have never thought of this composition before and I still can’t believe that I spent all those years without this amazing dip. Especially that I always have sunflower seeds in my kitchen and I just adore sun dried tomatoes.

So how I came with this recipe idea? It’s all thank to my nearby grocery store. Unfortunately I can’t buy a single thing I need when I came to this store. The same thing happened on some Sunday morning (abut 11 am). I got up and decided to make a perfect breakfast. I want to make “scrambled tofu” or almond cottage cheese. I was really upset because I couldn’t find neither tofu nor almonds in the store. But then this sunflower seeds spread pops in my head. Amazing!
I run back home and prepared two amazing spreads based on sunflower seeds. First with bell peppers (recipe next time). Next with sun dried tomatoes.
It’s a little bit like pesto rosso, but the colour is more pink. And the main character is sunflower, tomatoes are just the addition.

for about 200ml

100g sunflower seeds
5 pieces of sun dried tomatoes*
2-3 tsp olive oil 
up to ½ cup water
1 tsp powdered onion
½-1 tsp powdered garlic

* you can use the one store in olive in jar or those in packages without any oil. If you want raw version use those not from the jar

Chop tomatoes finely.Blend all the ingredients to smooth paste, adding water gradually to get the creamy spread. Season with onion, garlic, salt and pepper.

Nutrition info:

All (200ml):
728 calories

proteins: 22,5 g; fats: 65,5 g; carbohydrates: 23 g, dietary fibre: 10 g;
iron: 5,4 mg; calcium: 88 mg; zinc: 5,3 mg

1 tsp:
18,2 calories

proteins: 0,56 g; fats: 1,6 g; carbohydrates: 0,57 g, dietary fibre: 0,25 g;
iron: 0,13 mg; calcium: 2,2 mg; zinc: 0,13 mg