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Smoothie bowl: spinach, melon, cucumber, peanut butter

smoothie bowl

And they wake up after long sleep. Yawn, slowly stretch they legs and free themselves outside. On the rollerblades, bicycles, in runner’s costumes, with children, without children, with dogs and sunglasses on their noses. Bathing in the sunshine, admiring the first sings of spring. Just for a moment, just before the first spring rain will come. Spring has been celebrated with the first short sleeves and the first running noses.

Since I spend a lot of time outside thanks to my dogs and usually I’m not so enthusiastic about wearing short sleeves in April, I decide to celebrate this spring another way. With a bowl full of fresh, healthy and nutritious ingredients. A bowl of delicious green smoothie. Why I serve a drink in the bowl? Well, to be honest it looks better. Also, I can add more fresh fruits, some grains and make it into almost an oatmeal. It’s like a smoothie with benefits. The benefits that give you energy to fully enjoy spring of 2106.

smoothie bowl

Smoothie bowl
spinach, melon, cucumber, peanut butter

3 servings

1 cup of melon
1 pear
1 cucumber
2 apples
1½ cup milk (soy, almond etc)
about 16 mint leaves
4-5 tbsp lemon juice
1oog fresh spinach
2 tbsp peanut butter

fresh fruits
sunflowers seeds, chia, goji

Blend  all the ingredients. Add lemon jucie. Top with favorite fruits, superfoods, herbs.

smoothie bowl