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Raw vegan cashew yoghurt

Yoghurt is probably the only non vegan thing I miss from time to time. But I only miss those creamy, natural ones. Yoghurts with fruits, especially with big chunks have been quite disgusting for me. Of course you can vegan yoghurts, but in Poland they are not very popular and sometimes hard to get. And usually when I plan to cook something with yoghurt, in some magical way I can’t find even a cup in Cracow’s shops.
I used to make this one, using rolled oats. I really like it, but my boyfriend did’t. So, I give up. Of course I could make a soy yoghurt on my own, but every time I want to do this it seems to complicated. Finally, I saw this recipe and I immediately knew that I would be doing it all the time.

I’m totally amazed, how this youghurt is easy to made. And there are only healthy and nutritive ingredients used. Cashews, dates and lemon juice.  What’s more is gluten free and raw! Awesome!
Of course it is not a copy of regular yoghurt, it has its own flavour. But still resembles yoghurt and is delicious. It’s perefect for breakfast with granola, nuts or fresh fruits. It also can be used in cooking, replacing regular yoghurts and sour creams.\

In the original recipe there is one main ingredient- psyllium husk. It can be sometimes difficult to get, but you can find it most eco shops. But if you haven’t got it, don’t worry- there are two solutions. First, you can just omit it. Psyllium husk will give yoghurt more creaminess, but without it it’s also fine and delicious. You can substitute it with ground flax seed or chia seeds. They will make your yoghurt as creamy as psyllium does.


Based on this recipe from Green Kitchen Stories

for about 500 ml

150g raw cashews
3-4 tbsp lemon jucie
10-12 tbsp water
2 dates
pich of salt
½ tsp psyllium +½ cup water (120ml)*

* you can omit (it will be less creamy) or replace with:
– ground flax seed: 3 tsp dissolved in  ½ cup water, cook on the low heat for about 5 minutes and set aside until get gel structure
– nasionami chia: 1 tsp “dissloved” in ½ cup water, mix well, set aside for few minutes

1. Soak cashews overnight. Soak dates in water for a while.

2. Prepare psyllium: dissolve ½ tsp psyllium in  ½ cup water and mix util you get gel-like structure. Set aside. If using chia seeds or ground flax seed- the instructions are under the ingredients.

3. Blend cashews, dates, water, lemon juice until smooth and creamy. You can add more juice if needed. If you want to have lees thick yoghurt, you can add water at any step of preparation.

4. Add 2 tbsp psyllium gel or 4-5 tsp flax seed solution or 2 tbsp chia seed solution. Mix well. Blend again if using chia seeds. Put in the fridge for 10 minutes.

If yoghurt is too thick you can add more water.


Nutrition info:

Whole (500ml):
820 calories
protein: 27,6g; fat: 66g; carbohydrates: 64,1g; dietary fiber: 5,7g
iron: 10,2 mg; calcium: 70,9 mg; zinc: 9,2 mg