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Raw cauliflower salad with strawberries, tempeh and sorrel

salatka z surowego kalafiora

I always pic up tiny pieces of raw cauliflower while I’m preparing it for cooking. It’s so delicious! So one day I thought: “why not to make a dish with raw cauliflower?”. I love it cook and baked, but raw one is as tasty as the others.

vegan cauliflower salad

And  before I even started to think about recipe, Mr. Wilkinson and a book about his favourite vegetables came with an answer. In a chapter about cauliflower I found a recipe for a raw cauliflower salad. It is almost perfect recipe, I just had to eliminate smoked salmon to make it totally vegan. In this seasonal salad raw cauliflower will be accompanied by strawberries, sorrel and basil. Instead of salmon, there will be a perfect source of vegan protein-tempeh, in this case smoked one. And though the salmon was out of my recipe, the raw cauliflower salad gets this salmon pink colour. It’s because of strawberry juice mixing with cauliflower. Shallots also enhance this colour. To the contrast we have  basil and sorrel, lively green Only tempeh stays out neutral.

raw cauliflower salad with strawberries

What I love about this salad it’s not only that the cauliflower is raw, but that the majority of used ingredients are sesonal, cheap and easy to get. You can use tofu or cooked brown lentils.

Cauliflower salad with strawberries and sorrel

Raw cauliflower salad
with strawberries and sorrel

4 servings

1 medium cauliflower
100g smoked tempeh
12 strawberries
3 shallots
1 cup chopped sorrel
5 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp white vinegar
3 tbsp extra vergine olive oil

cauliflower strawberries salad with tempeh

1. Divide cauliflower into small pieces. Don’t use the stalks, you can freeze them and use to another recipe. Chop cauliflower really finely. Dice tempeh and strawberries. Chop finely sorrel, basil leaves and shallots.

2. In a bowl mix all ingredients. Add lemon juice, vinegar and olive oil. Season with salt and a lot of pepper. Set aside to refrigerator, so the tastes mix well. I like this salad the best on the second day.



Whole raw cauliflower salad:
843 calories
protein: 34,7 g; fat: 47,2 g; carbohydrate: 72 g, dietary fibre: 17,3 g;
iron:  7,1 mg; calcium: 279 mg; zinc: 2,4 mg

1 serving
210 calories
protein: 8,7 g; fat: 11,7 g; carbohydrates: 18 g, dietary fiber:  4,3 g;
iron:  1,77 mg; calcium: 69 mg; zinc: 0,6 mg

 vegan starwberries salad