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Raw avocado tarts with dates

surowy mazurek z kremem z awokado

Being a grown up sucks. Suddenly you have to learn how to juggle multiple responsibilities. Job, learning how to do your job better, long walks with your crazy dogs, keeping house clean. It is so time consuming!

It’s hard to find time for stuff. In a long, long line there are plenty of books that I want to read, medical journals, movies to be seen with friends, birthdays etc. Now when I started to look for another apartment, it seems like I have time for nothing! Of course there are things that I have to do no matter what: good coffee in the morning, crazy dog walks or simply sleeping. But how to manage to put running a foodblog in all that mess? I haven’t  figured it out yet, but I’m trying really hard.
Last year I posted many recipes for Easter, but this year this whole being an adult thing blocked me. Until the idea of raw avocado tarts popped in my head. So I manage to find some time to prepare it (in totally chaotic way) an do some pics.
The crust is made of almond, fresh dates and shredded coconut. But the most amazing things about this raw avocado tarts is the filling. Made of raw cocoa, ripe avocados and cashews. It’s truly ingenious filling, mousse consistency. I can’t wait until summer to eat it like fluffy ice creams. Meanwhile I’m planning to enjoy few day off work, sleeping eating good stuff my grandma make and drink a good coffee with book by my side.

raw avocado tarts

Raw avocado tarts
with dates


8 mini tarts

1 cup almonds (with skins)
1 cup shredded coconut
1 cup dates
pinch of salt

2 ripe avocados
½ cup cashews
½ cup dates (preferably fresh ones)
1 banana
4-6 tbsp raw agave nectar*
juice from ½ large lemon
8 tsp raw cocoa powder
8 tbsp orange juice
vanilla extract

* you can add another raw sweetener or just more dates

raw avocado tarts


Grind almons and shredded coconut to powder. Add dates, pinch of salt, mix to form a dough. Alternatively you can put all the crust ingredients in a food processor and form a dough that way. Divide dough into seven pieces and form a crust in a tartlet pans.


Peel the avocado. Juice oragnes and lemon. Soak cashews at lest for 8 hours. Blend all the ingredients until smooth and creamy. Serve decorated with goji berries, shredded coconut, fresh fruits or edible flowers. Store in refrigerator.

raw avocado tarts