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Polish “eagle” beans in Kenyan dish

Since I’ve found this article about Kenyan cuisine I can’t stop looking for recipes form this country. I can eat braised spinach with chapati breads all the time.
But another recipe mentioned in the article was constantly on my mind. Rosecoco beans stewed in coconut milk, which is called Maharagwe Ya Nasi.
I looked for rosecoco beans everywhere from local shops to supermarkets, but I couldn’t found them! Luckily, one day walking on local market I noticed beans which looked a little like rosecoco, but the name was different. They were called “eagle beans”.



Funny thing because I’ve never heard about this beans before. This type of beans have origins in Poland and the are called “eagle” because the dark colour makes bird-like shape on every bean. But my “eagle beans” where not pure type because I couldn’t find any birds on them.
This beans are milder in taste than regular one and together with coconut milk make a perfect combination. Polish beans brought a little European taste to this African dish.

BTW. I’ve noticed that Kenyan cuisine takes a lot from Indian one, like chapati, stews with coconut milk. I wonder if there is any historical connection between those two countries. What do you think?


4 servings

 400g eagle beans*
2 onions (180 g)
3 tomatoes (500g)
2 cloves garlic
1 cup (230ml) coconut milk
2 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper

 * of course you can use rosecoco beans or regular red one


Soak beans overnight. Cook on medium heat in lightly salted water until tender. Drain off and set aside.
Remove skins from tomatoes and chop them. Mince onions and garlic.
Heat the oil in large pot and add onions, garlic and tomatoes. Stir from time to time. Simmer under cover until soft. Add eagle beans and coconut milk and simmer for another 5 minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

Serve with fresh bread, brown rice or potatoes.



Nutrition info:

1 serving:
341 calories
protein: 12g; fat: 18 g; carbohydrates: 36 g, dietary fiber: 1o g;
iron: 5 mg; calcium: 66 mg; zinc: 1,8 mg