Culintes #2

A little bit late this week, but I’ve made it! Culintes vol. 2. For those who don’t know Culinets is a new cycle on the blog in which I share my culinary discoveries with you. This week is more about ingriedients or culinary products than places but I hope you’ll like it.


1. Definietly the number one this week is vegan dashi. Of course there is no bonito fish in it. So is it even possible? Well, yes! Instead of fish I use dried shitake mushrooms and kombu seaweed. This dashi is so simple, but suprisingly aromatic and intense. Amazing. And I found this genious recipe in Vedge cookbook.

2.  Vedge is not only “another” vegan cookbook. This one is wirtten by owners and chefs of famous vegan restaurant in Philadelphia.  You just need a few minutes with this book, to see how inovative and amazing those recipes are. Vegde puts vegan kitchen in completely different light. Vegetables are the main characters of the dishes, every ingredient is thought through. Genious, fusion, totaly vegan! I can’t wait to try all the recipes, but the first one will be probably a pho soup!

3. If you planning to visit Cracow, you should definitely stop by on a little food festival called Najedzeni Fest. This time it will be about all kind of groats: millet, buckwheat etc. So if you have spare time on 16th of March you should go and look for vegan brownie and other vegan stuff.

4.  Millet chips. They look like corn chips, but the taste is quite different and colour is pale. They are not amazing in taste. Delicate, with millet aroma. They taste good as an adittion to cream soup or as a snacks with dips.

5. Another delicious discovery is roasted almonds with thyme or rosemary. This combination is simply outstanding.

6.  I’ve always wanted to try Chinese cabbage, and this week I finnaly tasted it. What can I say? It’s delicious and you can be sure that bok choy will be often seen on this blog.

7. I’ve made my first cashew cheesecake in which I use agar instead of coconut oil. Agar turns out to be as good as coconut oil in keeping cake together. I think agar will be often used in my kitchen now.

8. The best vegan, weekend breakfast ever is pancakes with chestnut cream and oragnes. Yum!

See you next week!