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Cucumber and citrus smoothie with apple

If you are counting on not-green smoothie on this blog, once again you’ll be disappointed. I don’t know why, but every time I make smoothie it comes out green. This time, despite using orange and lemon, drink is again green. I put a blame on cucumber and mint! Damn green veggies!

Putting aside the colour of this smoothie, I have to say it’s quite refreshing and energetic drink. Perfect for breakfast, especially for those who hate getting up early (including me). Friuts will give a huge dose of energy from fructose and dietery fibre will make you stomach full until second breakfast or lunch.

about 500ml
2 servings

1 medium apple
½ cucumber (100g)
1 orange
½ lemon
few mint leaves
up to ¼ cup water

Peel orange and lemon. Don’t peel cucumber and ple. Cut everything in cubes. Blend it with mint leaves. Add  little water if needed.

Nutrition info:
1 serving (250ml):
92 calories

protein: 1,6 g, fat: 0,4 g; carbohydrates:25g; dietary fibre: 5g;
iron: 0,6 mg; calcium: 47 mg; zinc: 0,3 mg