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Breakfast buckwheat porridge with raspberries

budyń z kaszy gryczanej

I hate getting up early. So, breakfast are usually not my favourite meals. When I get up early to work, the only thing that I can think about is coffee. I’m not cooking. I even barely talks. The situation changes when I can sleep longer. When I sleep as much as I want, breakfast become my “thing”, my ritual. I can chop veggies, mash avocado for guacamole, prepare bruschettas. I could even make pancakes, but I have pro-pancakes-maker at home.

buckwheat porridge

In the hot summer mornings I want eat only light, fruity things. Puddings or delicate porridge are perfect, especially when chilled. But how make light, fruity dish, that also give us enough energy?
The answer was as always on my favourite blog My New Roots and porridge made of buckwheat and raspberries.
My co-eater was quite skeptic:
– „Why are you soaking this buckwheat?”
-”For breakfast. There will be buckwheat porridge/pudding”
-” From buckwheat? That can’t be good”

After trying he change his mind and buckwheat porridge is our favourite breakfast option. It’s nutritive, because we all know how rich the buckwheat is. Thanks to soaking it in warm water with acid, phytic acid is removed and stop blocking mineral absorption.
I have a little trouble by naming this dish. For me it’s something between poudding and porridge. It’s as creamy as pudding, but not quite like porridge too.
Porridge is of course gluten free, raw and soy free! Nice!

vegan buckwheat porridge


Based on this recipe 

Buckwheat porridge
with raspberries

3-4 servings

1 cup white buckwheat groats
1 tbsp apple vinegar or lemon juice
warm water

3 cups raspberries
1 tbsp agave nectar
1 banana
few drops vanilla extract

1. Soak buckwheat in warm, cooked water. Add 1 tbsp acid. Set aside for a night or at least 8 hours. Next day, drain and rinse it very well. Don’t be afraid- it will be gooey and have weird acidic smell, before you rinse it.

2. Blend raspberries with 1 tbsp agave nectar. Spoon out few tbsp of puree to put on top of porridge later. Add buckwheat, banana and vanilla. Blend until smooth. Add more agave nectar if needed. Cool in the refrigerator or eat right away.


Buckwheat porridge:
878 calories
protein: 27 g; fat: 4 g; carbohydrates: 194 g, fiber: 44 g;
iron: 6,4 mg; calcium: 130 mg; zinc: 8 mg

1 serving:
220 calories
protein: 6,75 g; fat: 2,25 g; carbohydrates: 48,5 g, fiber:  11 g;
iron:  1,6 mg; calcium: 32,5 mg; zinc: 2 mg

raw buckwheat porridge

  • wow this looks so delicious.. and so beautifully captured too! definitely wish i was waking up to this porridge tomorrow morning for breakfast..

    • readeat

      Thanks 🙂

  • These looks so pretty. I’ve been seeing raw buckwheat porridge popping up on Instagram. I think I’m going to have to try it.

    • readeat

      Thank you:)
      Try! It’s really tasty and healthy:)