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Green barley grass smoothie with mango

koktajl z młodego jęczmienia

If just like me, you staying home, nurturing common cold, you’ll probably know better than me, how time consuming coughing, sneezing and fighting with fever can be. Muscle pains don’t let you out of bed and the only activity you manage to accomplish is watching good old TV series and drinking gallons of hot fluids. No difference what kind, cause everything tastes the same when the nose is running.

Green barley grass smoothie

Though I had some consolation for you. When you manage to lower your temperature, muscle pains start to go away and you finally begin to breath with your nose instead of mouth, you will want to drink something refreshing and fruity. Yes, I promise, this times come soon.
So, you will need just a few ingredients to make your palate happy: mango, banana, coconut water and green barley grass powder. I bought mine when the common cold just stared, but I made this smoothie few day later. But the grassy taste (yes, I adore this barley grass flavour) of this green barley grass smoothie, put me in such a good mood. Hope you’ll enjoy this smoothie as much as I do. green barley grass smoothie

Green barley grass smoothie

with mango and coconut water

3 servings
about 750ml

1 ripe mango
2 bananas
1 tsp green barley grass powder
330ml coconut water

Peel mango and bananas. Blend it all. Drink!


Nutrition info:

Green barley grass smoothie-1 serving:
140 calories

protein: 2,2 g; fat: 0,6 g; carbohydrates: 34,6 g, dietary fiber: 5 g;
iron: 0,8 mg; calcium: 44 mg; zinc: 0,26 mg

green barley grass smoothie