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Autumn spring rolls

Sometimes in our lives comes this moment when another piece of pizza is just to much. When another brownie will cause stomach explosion and even roasted aubergines are not that tasty as usual. Surfeit is what I’m talking about.
I think everyone was in this place. Once again eating too much good stuff get us into trouble.  Heavy, with no hope for feeling better, we look on the table full of delicious food, but we don’t want eat anything. And we swear the last piece of food we ate, but it was so tasty.
The only hope for us is detox.
No more flour, gluten, fired or bake goods, no sugar etc. Just fresh and healthy food. Let me introduce you to the best detox dish ever. Autumn spring rolls with fresh carrots and apples. Raw fruits and veggies will clean us perfectly and ginger will give us energy! And don’t worry they are also nutritive and filling, because of cashew full of protein and minerals.  And all this good things are wrapped in rice paper, delicate and light. Just perfect solution we want to eat something fresh and healthy.



Adapted from “Big Vegan” cookbook


6-8 spring rolls 

2 tbsp lime jucie
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp minced ginger
3 tbsp miso paste
400g apples
100 g Chinese noodles*
2 carrots (about 100g)
1/4 cup chopped chives
1/2 cup cashews (60g)
few basil leaves
chili flakes 
rice paper (6-8 pieces)

* made of mung beans, you can also use rice noodles


1. In a large bowl mix together lime juice, sugar, minced ginger, miso and a pinch of salt.

2. Cut out inedible parts of apples . Grate apple and carrots and add all to the bowl.

3. Prepare noodles according to instruction on the package.

4. Toast cashew on a dry frying pan for a while.

5. Add drain Chinese noodles, chopped chives, torn basil leaves and cashews. Season with pinch of chili flakes, salt or soy sauce. Mix all well.

6. For the next step you will need two plates. In the first pour water, the second will be the wrapping area. First we put a sheet of rice paper into the water on the first plate and wait a second until the paper become elastic. The transfer wet paper on the second plate and put 2-3 tbsp of stuffing i the middle of paper. Time for rolling. My method: I first cower the filling with the left side of paper, the cover it with the bottom and the upper part. At the end cover with the right side and spring roll is ready to eat. Just bring your favourite oriental sauce. My spring rolls don’t need frying, they healthy ones!


Nutrition info:

Whole (8 spring rolls):
1453 calories

protein: 24 g; fat: 33 g; carbohydrates: 275g, fibre: 19 g;
iron: 10 mg; calcium: 161 mg; zinc: 5,2mg

1 spring roll:
182 calories

protein: 3 g; fat: 4,1 g; carbohydrates: 34g, fibre: 2,3 g;
iron: 1,25 mg; calcium: 20 mg; zinc: 0,65mg