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Apricot cake with olive oil and thyme

apricot cake

Hello! It has been a while since we met. How life has been treating you? Probably you enjoy summer and this fantastic, sunny weather. I hope you travel a lot, experience good local food and relax as much as possible.
Meanwhile, I manage to achieve another level of not cooking. In a good way. We finally move to a new a place, still living in the boxes, but it’s great. And due to this huge transfer, I literally have no kitchen. No oven, stove, just thermomix and fridge. Despite of lack of cooking, I am the happiest person on the planet. I adore every piece of this flat. The wooden floors, old wide windows, beautiful light and high, mostly white walls. Can’t wait to show you more of it and share new recipes and photos from my not-existing-yet kitchen.
It might take a while, so I decided to write about a cake I made few weeks ago, in old apartment. It’s an old recipe for a sponge cake with raspberries with a twist. I used olive oil instead canola and add some lemon flavour. I mixed apricots with just a pinch of thyme (don’t know why). It turns out pretty delicious, summery and delicate.

apricot cake

Apricot cake
with olive oil and thyme

for 26x20cm baking pan or 24-25cm in diameter pan
12 servings

12 tbsp chickpea flour (besan)
12 tbsp water
6 tbsp olive oil
200g powdered sugar ( 1½ cup)
2 tbsp grated lemon rind

200g flour 450 type (1½ cup)
pich of salt
2tsp baking powder
few drops vanilla extract
¼ cup soy milk (60ml)
1 tbsp white vinegar
1 tsp baking soda

6-7 small apricots
few spring of fresh thyme

breadcrumbs for dusting the pan
olive oil

1. Cover the baking pan with olive oil and dust with breadcrumbs. Using electric hand mixer mix chickpea flour with water, until smooth. Add 6 tbsp oilve oil and mix again. Add baking sugar and lemon rind. Repeat with mixing to get yellow, smooth batter.

2.Add flour in three batches( ½ cup each). Sieve it straight to the bowl with batter. Add the first batch and mix just until all ingredients come together (try not to overwork the batter). Repeat with remaining two. Add vanilla, baking powder and pinch of salt and mix again.

3. In a large cup mix soy milk with soda. Add 1 tbsp of vinegar. Set aside, the foam will form. In a meantime turn on the oven on 180C. Add the foam to the batter and mix shortly.

4. Spread the batter in the baking form. Put the fruits on top evenly, sprinkle with fresh thyme. Put in the hot oven for 25-33 minutes (depending on oven). Check after 25 minutes with a tooth pick. Leave in the open oven until cool.
Serve sprinkled with powdered sugar.